Ecuador  June 12 – 23, 2019



A 12-Day Journey Connecting Awakened Men, Plant Medicines, Shamans, Nature & Adventure

Experience powerful Ayahuasca & San Pedro ceremonies, breath taking hikes, immersive workshops, connect with like-minded men, elevate your relationships and leave recharged

Plant Medicine Has The Power To Bring Men Together, Evoke Powerful Memories, Heal You & Connect To Your Purpose

The experience combines profound sacred ceremonies, workshops designed to connect you deeper to yourself, elevate your relationships, meditation, yoga and immersive adventures.

Leave with a renewed sense of clarity, purpose, energy, and the support of a tribe of men, leaders, and powerful humans. Are you ready to start YOUR HERO’S JOURNEY with us?

Sacred Plant Medicines
Hikes & Waterfalls
Meditation & Breathwork
Sweat Lodge & Fire Ceremonies
Relaxation & Grounding

The Hero’s Journey Ecuador Starts In:

32    WEEKS        3 DAYS        6 HOURS

What’s Included

2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

4 San Pedro Ceremonies

Hikes & Adventures

Strong Brotherhood

1-on-1 Coaching

Yoga & Meditation


Delicious & Healthy Meals

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Interactive Workshops

Pristine Nature

Unforgettable Memories

Normal Price – $4100 USD

Early Bird Discount $150 USD

Final Price if you apply by Mar.15th


$3950 USD


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The private retreat is located on Ecuador’s southern valley region in Vilcabamba. It’s known for its pristine mountains lined with trees and hikes, waterfalls and a clear view of the milky way at night.

The 5 bedroom mountainside escape features a private running stream to lull you to sleep or swim in and offers panoramic views of the mountains towering in the background.

The large outdoor areas, private land and generous spaces throughout make this a hidden gem in Vilcabamba.  Sit under the stars with a crackling fire and connect deeply with other awakened men, soul-seekers and leaders.

Why The Hero’s Journey Ecuador?

  • Evolve into a more powerful man
  • Be grounded with unshakeable confidence
  • Surround yourself with a strong brotherhood
  • Connect with your life purpose
  • Have more clarity of who you truly are
  • Destroy any self-limiting beliefs & fears
  • Heal old stories & insecurities holding you back
  • Deepen your relationships with others
  • Improve your emotional intelligence
  • Expand your understanding of healthy masculinity

Retreat Leaders

Christopher Chiu

Founder/Coach, Hero’s Journey Experience

Christopher left a successful Wall St. career after suffering a collapsed lung due to a chaotic and stressful lifestyle.

He then moved to Thailand to pursue his dream of fighting Muay Thai and studying meditation.

In 2014 he took his first trip to Peru to drink medicine with Shipibo & Andean traditions.

It lead to deep insights about himself, healing past wounds – and ultimately helped him to find his purpose in life – helping other men who are facing the same problems he had to overcome.

He’s dedicated his path to coaching men full-time while living in Bali and Thailand.

Christoper has a unique background with an MBA in Finance & Marketing, leading entrepreneurial incubators and retreats in Bali, as well as creating traditional rites of passages and initiating men.  In the first year of launching the Hero’s Journey Experience in 2018, he lead 3-retreats in Ecuador.

His openness and laid-back vibe allows his clients to feel relaxed, supported and understood – while also creating a safe and powerful crucible for deep transformation in their lives.

Santiago Ayala

San Pedro Shaman

Santiago comes from a long tradition of sacred indigenous teachings tracing back to the Cofan, Huaorani, Secoya and Kichwa tribes who he has lived among.

Born in 1966, a native to Ecuador, Santiago found himself on the shamanic path at age 26 by working with sacred plants and the healing traditions of the Andes that extend down from Ecuador to Peru.

Well known throughout Ecuador and the Americas as a highly respected Shaman and a gifted healer. He is also humble, deeply compassionate, wise beyond his years and carries a deep and powerful intention to heal with the spirit of San Pedro.

As a guardian and keeper of one of the last San Pedro forests here in southern Ecuador, Santiago works with the sacred tools of his ancestors that have been passed down for generations.

This allows you to re-connect with the subtle energies of spirit, so you can heal on all levels and start to transform your life.

Jorge Medina Jr.

Ayahuasca Shaman

Jorge is 42 years old and he has been practicing shamanism for 12 years. He learned to lead Ayahuasca ceremonies from his father Jorge Medina.

He is related to the Shuar tribe from Ecuadorian Amazonia and Cofan and Siona tribes from Bajo Putumayo in Colombia.

He was blessed by FSI (Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan) – Ecuador to share the medicine under the design of two tobaccos and to carry out purifying sweat lodges.

Jorge has completed his 4-year vision quest long ago, and he is a 4-year sun dancer.

He has guided many people to prepare themselves so they can keep on the path of freedom and knowledge – so they can attend vision quest at every altar in Ecuador.

Ximena Morales


I started along this path, on a school trip to the Pachacamac Temple in Lima, Peru, when I was 7 years old. My childhood and teenage years were deeply marked by the painful internal armed conflict. When I was 20 I embarked on a one way trip to Mexico, where I reconnected to my heart’s ancestry. I then became a mother of four. And I must say, this became my most sacred spiritual initiation, the most challenging and the most sublime. I am initiated on the path of Bhakti, of the Vedas. I am also initiated as a Pampamisayoc within the Andean Q’ero cosmovision.

I haven’t always embraced my mission. On the contrary, I struggled with myself, during extended periods of darkness, where I denied my own aptitudes with great endeavor. Without the support of two of my teachers and of my Godmothers, I would not have traversed through the quagmire of my confusion. I bestow upon them the utmost gratitude. And this radiant dream has manifested with the sole purpose of being shared.

I consider myself an apprentice along this path which I honor, and it keeps me humble. I live in the Sacred Valley of Vilcabamba, Ecuador for 18 years. I have nested with the shaman, alongside the river which is where are the magic occurs. All within a forest of native San Pedros and Huilcos, which are sacred plants of power. Honoring my truth, this is as honest as I can be regarding my path and my journey.

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