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"Extremely powerful & transformational. I had 2 breakthroughs - it was intense. I was screaming and felt the scream of a real man, facing his demons. For the 1st time I felt a sense of masculinity & confidence."

Gabriele Di Mauro
30, Italy

"Chris is good at drawing out your intentions, your purpose, your pain and giving you ways to confront it, open up, move past it and grow from it. I hadn’t felt this sort of release of emotions in years. It was really powerful & healing."

Jonathan Beal
32, UK

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Transformational Testimonials

“The retreat in Ecuador was simply– powerful. I met Chris once in Thailand for a week a couple years back and he reached out to me to participate in his first ever ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador. I can absolutely say the retreat changed my life.

Chris was great to work with. He provided the care and support to prep me for my vision quest. His coaching discovery sessions helped me identify and work through issues I faced in my life and prep me for the retreat. I had a friend that bought his ticket to the retreat right after a 2 hour discovery session with Chris!

I went to this retreat with some well-thought out intentions I wanted to work through. I had a really intense ceremony and after the ceremony I felt “reborn”. Free from all my past traumas.

I now have this grounded peacefulness inside that I am enjoying. I should also mention, I have not touched alcohol since the retreat (close to 4 months now). Just because I want to take care of myself.

I understand why they call it plant ‘medicine’ now. The experience also gave me some direction in life in regards to business and I have been taking boxing classes every day after work to release some of my stored masculine energy.

I would highly recommend Chris’ coaching and the retreat to others. If you are struggling to let go of some past traumas or are going through a hard time in your life, I would recommend participating in the retreat to help you work through it.”

Brandon Leuangpaseuth
23, USA

“I went to the June 2018 8-day men’s retreat with Chris. It was intense, but very powerful. The medicine work was challenging but rewarding as I expected. It really put me on a better path.

Overall I think the retreat was well organized. I tried to not come with too many expectations, but it definitely lived up to the expectations I had.

The experience was difficult in all areas. The hikes and the sweat lodge pushed me to my limits and beyond. Helping me realize I can do more than I think physically. Mentally it was even more difficult, since I am very sensitive, so my mind was constantly racing. But I feel like I can deal with those thoughts better now. “Spiritually” I felt like I kept walking the same trail which Ayahuasca showed me two years ago.

The place is beautiful and the rooms/other areas were clean and comfortable. The food was amazing!!!

My favorite thing was the sweat lodge. But the whole thing was amazing, the hikes, dinners, workshops ect. Also relaxing at the sauna between ceremonies was a nice experience.

Working with Chris was easy. He knows how to relate to your problems and gives good tools on how to improve your life in those areas. I feel like the coaching during and before the retreat was helpful as well.

The workshops were helpful and Chris gave good tools to use after the retreat.

The meditations and morning routine were my favorite.

I felt like the books and the info given before was useful, and made me see the work I had to do in more easily understandable way. Also they put me in a right mindset for the retreat.

Before the retreat negative emotions and thoughts controlled my life. Now my thinking has changed to more positive and it is easier for me to see my remaining negative thought patters.

I feel more comfortable with myself. It is easier for me to do the things I want and to express myself.

I feel like the real transformation will happen after the retreat, but I definitely feel like I am in a better place to implement things that learned from the coaching.”

Oula Rinne
24, Finland